Renovation on the Chesapeake Bay

Upon completion of the plans for his parent's home, Architect Christopher Frank of Hammond Wilson Architects, called upon Gary Smith Builders to undertake the remodeling project. Strategically working together with the owners, they were able to live in their home during the project.

"With four miles of open bay facing us, WIND was a major factor in our reconstruction. Gary helped us in the decision process for selecting the most effective insulating windows, wall insulation, and construction phasing. After project completion, we had friends over on a frigid windy night. Many commented how tight and cozy the rooms and porch were. One friend ran his hand around the windows and remarked that if this was his house, you could feel the cold drafts blowing through. Well, thank the guys who tore off the outside wall in December and worked all day in heavy parkas and snow hats inside a protective wall of plastic “insulating” them from SOME of the icy winds! Thanks, Gary! Thanks, guys! Great job, all!"


~Winn and Barbara Frank  


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